A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting some engagement photos for this lovely couple from Chatham at Bluebell hill in Kent. We did not get the sunny weather that we have had in recent times but that was no issue! Living in Canterbury my entire life I really have no excuse for not knowing more areas around Kent but my knowledge of the medway areas is a bit lacking so it was nice to visit somewhere new.

This was the first time Jamie had her photograph taken professionally and I am always prepared to help get anyone through the awkwardness of having your photo taken as I feel the same once I am at the other side of the lens and having my photo taken! As I have mentioned on a previous post an engagement shoot does help build that relationship with your photograph and get rid of any nerves of having your photo taken!

It was a fun afternoon of shooting and hopefully I will see them both again soon.The wedding planning begins now for these two for the wedding in July next year!