The National Wedding show is coming up soon so there couldn’t be a better time to got through some tips for an engagement shoot for couples.

First of all, why even have an engagement shoot? From my point of view I really like them as it is a chance to get together and get a feel for what the portraits on the wedding day will be like and help relax you infant of the camera which is especially important if you don’t normally like having your photo taken like I do! You will get a lovely collection of images which you can use on your invites/wedding website/engagement announcement or even just to have framed in the house or in a small album. If the session is in the middle of all the wedding planning it can be a nice change of pace to focus on just the two of you and connect.Plus the whole thing is good fun!

So what are some key things to remember?

How you dress

Don’t worry you don’t have to dress up in suit/dress or wear matching outfits unless you want to, it is good idea to look your best and wear something that suits both of your style and represents you. This also means to plan the shoot at a time that enables this, for example its probably best you don’t come straight from a long day at work where you will be tired and hungry and in clothes you possibly aren’t a big fan of. Best to keep any pockets empty to not create any strange lines/shapes that will be distracting. If having a shoot in a busy location such as on the street dress up to stand out from the general public can always help but again only if thats your style.


I always like going to location that means something to the couple or a place they both really enjoy visiting, if you have difficulty deciding I know lots of locations all over Kent that are a good spot. I have been to the wedding venue (if already decided upon) which is good to find some good locations for on the day as well. When picking the location the time of day should also be considered (possibly the time of year), the lighting will effect the ‘feel’ of the photos and we can discuss what style you are looking for and talk you through what will work best


Not everyone will want a prop but feel free to bring something along if it means something to you. Maybe you just want to bring some flowers. You could also bring a pet along the the shoot- I am mainly thinking of dogs here rather than a hamster! Finally the ‘prop’ could be an activity that you both enjoy doing such as setting up a picnic for the photos on a summers afternoon.

Ignore the camera

A strange one at first but as we get into the session and we all relax the camera becomes easier to ignore, a large majority of the photos I love from the engagement shoots are taken just before or after the couple ‘pose’ as these are more natural. Once relaxed and being yourself those great images become effortless. I may just let you chat and mess around for a while and get those natural photos without you realising the photo was even taken. Sure the photos are posed in the sense of I may direct where you will stand but they are not rigid frameworks which enables us to get the images we want.

Couple shoots are not just for engagements, if you are interested please get in touch!